The goal of the Computer Science, Control and GeoInformation Doctorate is to let students acquire the necessary methodologies to conduct fundamental and applied research in the fields of computer science, automation and control engineering, and geoinfomation.

Students will be followed by the Doctorate board, that will indicate the training needs for each student and suggest the program to follow during the period of study. For each student the board will appoint a tutor among one the Faculty members, who will be the reference throughout the period of study. Students will be invited to attend lectures, that may be selected from those offered to graduate students, or may be specialist courses and seminars.

The Doctorate board promotes the internalization of the Doctorate program by encouraging the application of candidate students from other countries and allowing Ph.D. students to stay at foreign universities and research centers for a period not exceeding 18 months (partial list of international universities and research centers with whom there has been an active collaboration for a long time).

The Computer Science, Control and GeoInformation Doctorate stems from the convergence of the two previously existing doctorates in Computer Science and Automation Engineering (established in 1990) and GeoInformation (established in 2000). Many of our alumni hold prestigious positions in academia, research, and industry.

The following pages briefly overview some of the currently active research subjects, grouped by area, conducted by the faculty members that belong to the Computer Science, Control and GeoInformation Doctorate.

Computer Science and Control Ph.D. program

GeoInformation Ph.D. program