The list of the members in the board of the Computer Science, Control and GeoInformation Doctorate follows below, with links to their personal pages.

The expected average annual commitment of each member is: 20 hours for course teaching, 30 hours for collegial activities, 20 hours for examination activities, in addition to possible tutoring activities. This commitment does not apply to foreign professors, retired professors, and adjunct professors.


Alessandro Astolfi - Publications

Giovanni Cantone - Curriculum, Publications

Valeria Cardellini - Curriculum, Publications

Daniele Carnevale - Curriculum, Publications

Fabio Del Frate - Publications

Paolo Ferrazzoli - Publications

Sergio Galeani - Publications

Dora Giammaresi - Publications

Vincenzo Grassi - Publications

Leila Guerriero - Publications

Giuseppe Francesco Italiano - Curriculum and Publications

Francesco Lo Presti - Publications

Gaetano Marrocco - Publications

Laura Menini - Publications

Maurizio Naldi - Journal publications - Conference papers

Gianpaolo Oriolo - Publications

Alberto Pettorossi - Publications

Giovanni Schiavon - Publications

Rodolfo Maria Strollo - Publications

Antonio Tornambè - Publications


Emiliano Casalicchio

William J. Emery

Salvatore Filippone

Erol Gelenbe

Francesco Sarti

Domenico Solimini


Donato Abruzzese - Publications

Alberto Berretti- Publications

Luigi Bianchi - Publications

Lucia Caramellino - Publications

Marco Cesati - Curriculum and Publications

Cristina Cornaro - Publications

Vittoria De Nitto PersonéCurriculum and Publications

Maria Ioannilli - Publications

Francesco Martinelli - Curriculum and Publications

Ugo Antonio Maria Schiavoni Schiavoni - Publications

Salvatore Tucci - Curriculum, Publications