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Emanuele Galli received PhD and Laurea degree (Master degree) cum laude in Computer Engineering from the University of Rome, Tor Vergata.
He has also spent one year at Research Scholar at Los Alamos National Laboratoty (LANL).
Currently he is working for an Italian company in the military field where he is applying his knowledge and experience in HLA and distributed, real-time simulation.


His research interests are: distributed simulation, discrete agent based modeling as well as simulation and analysis of Critical Infrastructures interdependencies. Related to his research interest, he is expert in HLA-RTI technology, (he uses an open-source implementation of RTI that is poRTIco), discrete event simulation of computer networks (OMNeT++) and agent based simulation and modeling using Repast. Currently, his workmanship has been utilized and heavily involved in the "CRESCO Project" founded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research, where the Computer Engineering Group are applying agent based simulation and distributed simulation technology to study Critical Infrastructure interdependencies.
He has also worked on the simulation of human behavior and, specially, in the activity selection in emergency scenarios. He has simulated population of 2.6M and 19M people on the Coyote cluster, respectively in TwinCities(MN) and Southen California.

Selected Pubblications

E.Casalicchio, E.Galli, S.Tucci, "Macro and Micro Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation of Critical Infrastructures". COMPENG 2010. 22-24 February. Rome, Italy.

S. Thulasidasan, S. Kasiviswanathan, S. Eidenbenz, E. Galli, S. Mniszewski, P. Romero. "Designing Systems for Large-Scale, Discrete-Event Simulations: Experiences with the FastTrans Parallel Microsimulator". HiPC 2009. 16-19 December. Kochi, India. (acceptance rate 2008 14%).

E.Casalicchio, E.Galli, S.Tucci, "Inter-dependencies in the ICT sector: architectural and service level analysis", 4th International Workshop on Critica l Information Infrastructures Security (IFIP), Oct 2009

E. Casalicchio, E. Galli, V. Ottaviani, "MobileOnRealEnvironment-GIS: a federated mobile network simulator to simulate nodes moving on real geographic data". DS-RT 2009. October 25-28. Singapore.

G. Yan, S. Eidenbenz and E. Galli. "SMS-Watchdog: Profiling Social Behaviors of SMS Users for Anomaly Detection". RAID 2009. September 23-25. Saint-Malo, Brittany, France.

E. Galli, S. Eidenbenz, S. Mniszewski, C. Teuscher, L. Cuellar, "ActivitySim: Large-scale Agen-Based Activity Generation for Infrastructure Simulation". SpringSim-ADS09. March 22-27, 2009. San Diego, CA, USA.

E. Galli, G.Cavarretta, S. Tucci, "HLA-OMNET++: an HLA compliant network simulator". IEEE-DSRT08. October 26, 2008, Vancouver, Canada.

E. Casalicchio, E. Galli, "Modeling and Simulation of Critical Interdependent Infrastructures: A federated approach". CRITIS-08. October 13, 2008, Rome, Italy.

E.Casalicchio, E.Galli, ''Federated Agent Based Modeling and Simulation: an Approach for Complex Critical Systems Analysis'', Proc of. 22nd ACM/IEEE/SCS Workshop on Principles of Advanced and Distributed Simulation (PADS 2008) June 3-6, 2008, Rome, Italy

E. Casalicchio, E. Galli, ''Metrics and Statistical Measures to Quantify Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies'', Second IFIP WG 11.10 International Conference on Critical Infrastructure Protection, George Mason University, Arlington, VA, USA, March 2008.

E.Casalicchio, E.Galli, S.Tucci. "Federated Agent-based modeling and simulation approach to study interdependencies in IT Critical Infrastructure." IEEE-DSRT 07. Chania, Crete Island (GR).

V.Cardellini, E.Casalicchio, E.Galli. "Agent Based Modellling Simulations of interdependencies in Critical Infrastructures throw UML." SpringSim 07. Norfolk (US-VA).


Politecnico di Bari (Italy), Convegno Scientico Nazionale: Sicurezza nei Sistemi Complessi (Security in Complex Systems), How to model Critical Infrastructures using Agent-Based Modeling & Simulation and HLA-RTI. September 2007.


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