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HLA-OMNeT++ is an HLA compliant network simulator. It is based on OMNeT++ and it uses the portico projects as HLA-RTI implementation.
Source code:
INSTALL Instructions file

Some running test videos (you can open with VLC):
Regular behavior
Failure on link 1
Test of an unreachable node

CriticalInfrastructureAgentBased (CIAB)

CIAB is the first implementation of an agent based simulator based on the architecture described in FedABMS. It is based on Repast for the simulation of agents, OMNeT++ for the simulation of communication network and e-Agora for the power grid simulation. If you are interested in the source code do not hesitate to contact me.


This is an evolution of the CIAB project which uses the HLA standard to federate Repast and OMNeT++. It supports a GUI based on the google maps API and a trasportation network simulator that gets information from google maps to calculate itinerary distances. We are producing documentation to put all source code online soon.


ActivitySim is a parallel simulator for the simulation of individuals' daily activities. It is a parallel discrete events simulator that uses the PRIME engine. Source code was implemented at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and ditribute source code is still an open issue.


MORE-GIS is a new project still in development which uses the FedANMS architecture for the simulation of mobile nodes that communicate each other. It is based on Repast Symphony, HLA-OMNeT++ with the MobileNetwork framework and uses GIS data to deploys node on real data (like trasportation networks and buildings).
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