Computer Science, Control and GeoInformation Doctorate

The University of Rome "Tor Vergata" offers advanced courses and cutting-edge research opportunities to enhance and broaden preparation for high-profile professional careers in Computer Science, Control, and GeoInformation.

The Computer Science, Control, and GeoInformation Doctorate is composed of two Ph.D. programs:

- the Computer Science and Control Ph.D. program;

- the GeoInformation Ph.D. program.


The Computer Science and Control Ph.D. program offers advanced education and cutting-edge research activity in the fields of computer science and engineering, systems and control. A rich variety of topics, both theoretical and application-oriented, is developed, including control system science, system theory, robotics, algorithms, computer architectures, software engineering, distributed and mobile systems, operating systems, theoretical computer science, computer security, performance and reliability modeling, parallel and high performance computing, operations research, optimization, machine learning.

This program provides successful candidates with the opportunity to acquire a high degree of professional expertise in specific scientific and technological fields.


The GeoInformation Ph.D. program encompasses remote sensing, imaging, geospatial analysis, geomatics, electromagnetics and earth sciences. Applications are related to environmental monitoring, human security and health, analysis of human settlements, ICT.

The academic offer is wide and diversified and enables the GeoInformation Ph.D. candidates to acquire solid scientific and methodological knowledge for tackling complex problems in the framework of their doctoral thesis.