The state of the art in locally distributed Web-server systems

This Web page contains update information about Web clusters and products as described in the paper:
Commercial products and research prototypes are classified as follows: The latter class of architectures differs from the previous ones in that the Virtual IP address is not assigned to a single front-end device (i.e., the Web switch) but shared by all server nodes.

Commercial products and research prototypes based on a layer-4 Web switch

Table 1 classifies some commercial products and research prototypes that work at the TCP/IP layer. Some products appear in multiple table entries because they can be configured to support more than one request routing mechanism.

Table 1: Layer-4 Web clusters.
Two-way One-way
Packet double-rewriting Packet single-rewriting Packet tunneling Packet forwarding
Cisco's LocalDirector  [8] TCP Router  [12] Linux Virtual Server  [19] IBM Network Dispatcher  [17]
Magicrouter [2]     Linux Virtual Server  [19]
Linux Virtual Server  [19]       F5 Networks' BIG-IP  [13]
LSNAT [27]     LSMAC  [15]
F5 Networks' BIG-IP  [13]     Intel's NetStructure Traffic Director [18]*
Foundry Networks' ServerIron [14]     Nortel Networks' Alteon 180 [23]
IBM Network Dispatcher  [17]     Radware's WSD Pro [25]
Coyote Point's Equalizer  [10]     Foundry Networks'ServerIron [14]
Allot's NetBalancer [1]     ONE-IP [11]

* Intel has announced the discontinuation of this product line.

Commercial products and research prototypes based on a layer-7 Web switch

Table 2 classifies the cluster-based Web systems that work at the application layer. Some products listed herein have already been considered in Table 1 as they can be configured to support both layer-4 and layer-7 routing mechanisms.

Table 2: Layer-7 Web clusters.
Two-way One-way
TCP gateway TCP splicing TCP handoff TCP connection hop
IBM Network Dispatcher proxy-level CBR  [17] Nortel Networks' Alteon Web OS  [23] ScalaServer [5,24] Resonate's Central Dispatch [26]
CluBWeb [7] Lucent's Web Switch  [9,20] [28]  
HACC [32] Cisco's CSS [8] CluBWeb [3]  
  Foundry Networks' ServerIron [14]    
  F5 Networks' BIG-IP [13]    
  Radware's WSD Pro [25]      
  Zeus's Load Balancer [31]    
  L5 [4]    
  Array Networks' Array 500 [6]    
  IBM Network Dispatcher kernel-level CBR [17]    

Commercial products and research prototypes for virtual Web clusters

Table 3 classifies the virtual Web clusters on the basis of the MAC address assignment to the server nodes.

Table 3: Virtual Web clusters.
Unicast MAC address Multicast MAC address
Microsoft Network Load Balancing  [21] Microsoft Network Load Balancing  [21]


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