Research Fellows

PhD Students

  • Cecilia Calavaro

Past Members

PhD Graduates

  • Fabiana Rossi
    Graduation year: 2022.
    Thesis: Elastic Deployment of Cloud Applications.
  • Giovanni Bembo
    Graduation year: 2021.
    Thesis: The IPv4 to IPv6 transition: A Novel Self-Balanced Lossless Translation Model with Dynamic Address Mapping
  • Gabriele Russo Russo
    Graduation year: 2021.
    Thesis: Model-based Auto-Scaling of Distributed Data Stream Processing Applications.
  • Francesco Bianchi
    Graduation year: 2018.
  • Matteo Nardelli
    Graduation year: 2018.
    Thesis: QoS-aware Deployment and Adaptation of Data Stream Processing Applications in Geo-distributed Environments.
  • Steve Petruzza
    Graduation year: 2018.
    Thesis: Combining Scalability, Portability, and usability in Big Data Analytics for HPC.
  • Marco Abundo
    Graduation year: 2016.
    Thesis: QoS-Aware Resource Allocation and Provisioning in Cloud Computing Systems.
  • Alessandro Fanfarillo
    Graduation year: 2016.
    Thesis: Parallel Programming Techniques for Heterogeneous Exascale Computing Platforms.
  • Davide Barbieri
    Graduation year: 2016.
    Thesis: SIMPL: A Pattern Language for Writing Ecient Kernels on GPU architectures.
  • Stefano Iannucci
    Graduation year: 2015.
    Thesis: MOSES: a QoS-driven Autonomic Framework for Service Oriented Systems.
  • Valerio Di Valerio
    Graduation year: 2014.
    Thesis: QoS-Aware Resource Allocation in Distributed Systems.
  • Luca Silvestri
    Graduation year: 2014.
    Thesis: Service Level Provisioning in Cloud Systems: Models, Algorithms and Architectures.
  • Paolo Campegiani
    Graduation year: 2012.
    Thesis: Resource Allocation for Cloud Architectures.
  • Michele Martone
    Graduation year: 2011.
    Thesis: A Quad-Tree Based Sparse BLAS Implementation for Shared Memory Parallel Computers.
  • Emanuele Galli
    Graduation year: 2010.
    Thesis: Agent Based Modeling and Simulation for critical and interdependent systems.
  • Federico Morabito
    Graduation year: 2007.
    Thesis: Content-based publish/subscribe systems: architectures and algorithms.
  • Alfredo Buttari
    Graduation year: 2006.
    Thesis: Software Tools for Sparse Linear Algerba Computations.
  • Mauro Andreolini
    Graduation year: 2005.
    Thesis: High performance Web server systems: Design, Testing and Evaluation.
  • Riccardo Lancellotti
    Graduation year: 2004.
    Thesis: Cooperative distributed systems for efficient content delivery and adaptation of Web resources.
  • Marco Emilio Poleggi
    Graduation year: 2003.
    Thesis: Cooperation Policies and Techniques for Global Caching in Clustered Web Server Systems.
  • Emiliano Casalicchio
    Graduation year: 2002.
    Thesis: Cluster-based Web systems: paradigms and dispatching algorithms.
  • Novella Bartolini
    Graduation year: 2001.
    Thesis: Quality of service analysis and modelling in wireless cellular networks for multimedia services.
  • Valeria Cardellini
    Graduation year: 2001.
    Thesis: Scalable Web-server systems.
  • Michele Cermele
    Graduation year: 1999.
    Thesis: Modeling and Supporting High Performance Computations on Distributed Systems.